Maintenance of all bwCloud regions starting 2022-03-01, subsequent reregistration necessary - FINISHED!
Date:08.12.2021 gegen 10 Uhr | Author:bwCloud Admin Team | Tags:News, bwCloud, Website, General, 2022, OpenStack, Wartung, Karlsruhe, Region, Mannheim, Ulm, Freiburg| Quicklink

UPDATELOG [8.3.2022 (Tuesday)]

  1. Maintenance 2022 is finished, all bwCloud regions are up to date and functional. Maintenance 2022 has not only brought "a new bwCloud", ... Mehr
INFO: Summer, vacation - slowed response to tickets
Date:18.08.2021 gegen 14 Uhr | Author:Janne Chr. Schulz (KIT) | Tags:News, bwCloud, Website, 2021| Quicklink

Like everywhere else, August and September are classic vacation months for the bwCloud administration. Vacation times, closing times and simply the beautiful summer weather, in ... Mehr

COMPLETED: Maintenance of all bwCloud operating sites on Thursday 15.04.2021
Date:03.03.2021 gegen 12 Uhr | Author:Janne Chr. Schulz | Tags:News, bwCloud, Website, General, 2021, OpenStack, Maintenance, Region, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Ulm, Freiburg| Quicklink

[UPDATE 15.04.2021, 17:30]

The maintenance has been successfully completed and users can log in to bwCloud again. All bwCloud systems have been updated and restarted.

On ... Mehr

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