I'm a Freiburg user, how can I migrate my instance?[faq_maintenance_1]

Currently, this is only possible via the CLI/an OpenStack client. Please have a look at I want to download an image or volume?.

Make sure that the line OS_AUTH_URL=https://idm01.bw-cloud.org:5000/v3 is in the 'OpenStack RC File' file to connect to the old bwCloud. Otherwise, change the line accordingly.

We have already created an image of your server. It is located in your project. To download this image, follow the instructions I want to download an image or volume..

To upload the image to the new bwCloud, follow these instructions. I want to upload an image to the bwCloud.

Now you can create a VM/server as known. Make sure that you select your image as the source when creating it.

CLI, Freiburg Region, Maintenance

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I'm a Freiburg user, do I have to become active?[faq_maintenance_2]

This entry cannot capture all user actions! From the experiences of the last bwCloud migrations, the following important points have been following important points have been worked out.

Backing up your own data is the responsibility of the user!.

Please check and observe the following points:

Freiburg Region, Maintenance

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