Does the bwCloud provide a backup option?[faq_backup_1]

No. The services offered in bwCloud focus on providing infrastructure to run virtual machines. The users themselves are responsible for maintaining their data, backups included - both their images and their user data.

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Does the bwCloud offer a special interface for a backup / data protection?[faq_backup_2]

No, we do not offer a special interface. However, the data of the (running) instances can be backed up with conventional on-board mechanisms like software clients or scheduled data copy operations.

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What about the security (= integrity) of my data in the bwCloud?[faq_backup_3]

Both the runtime environment (root disk) of a virtual machine and the attached storage are stored in our CEPH storage systems. This is organized in such a way that each piece of information is stored on three different hard disks (redundancy level 3). This means that the data is pretty good against hardware failure protected. Furthermore, the virtual machine data (both root disk and attachd storage) is not backed up anymore! So please make sure that you have an appropriate backup of the data.

In general, the bwCloud is operated as a "best-effort resource". This means: To be able to offer an appropriate amount of read-only memory for the performance, no high redundancy is built in. In certain and very rare scenarios (software errors of the CEPH storage system, several disks fail), no recovery is possible, which is why we recommend to store all valuable data on corresponding external storage systems (like all relevant configurations required to recover the machine are needed, ....).

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How can I backup my virtual machines now?[faq_backup_4]

Snapshots of instances and attached volumes can be created via the dashboard. Snapshots of instances are images and can be downloaded with the CLI clients (openstack-client) (keyword: openstack image download ...). Images can also be created from volumes (keyword: create image from volume) and downloaded in the same way. For large volumes it is easier and more efficient to export data directly from the instances, e.g. with rsync, scp or similar tools.

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