I have installed software in my virtual machine and it does not work. Do I get help from bwCloud?[faq_software_1]

Short answer: Mostly no.
Long answer: The bwCloud operating group ensures that the bwCloud works as a whole. From the moment a virtual machine is started, the responsibility for maintenance and administration lies entirely with the users who started the virtual machine. Nevertheless, we do not want to keep anyone from writing us a ticket (Quicklink: https://bw-cloud.org/q/t). Sometimes application problems indicate major problems in the bwCloud - in this case we will of course take immediate action.

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Who do I contact with application or software problems?[faq_software_2]

Writing a ticket is good start (Quicklink: https://bw-cloud.org/q/t) - even if we may not be able to solve the problem directly. Other (classic) ways to solve the problem may be

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