The bwCloud SCOPE infrastructure represents the next generation of the bwCloud: Based on the experience and knowledge gained with the first bwCloud environment, the new infrastructure has been completely redesigned and built. The new environment is primarily oriented towards the requirements and demands of the users:

With bwCloud SCOPE, the state project is "coming of age" and is taking a decisive step towards state service bwCloud.

Current OpenStack Release[current_os_release]

Currently the OpenStack Release Victoria running on Rocky 8.5 is used at all four bwCloud operating sites.

bwCloud operating sites & regions[operating_sites]

Karte mit den aktuellen bwCloud Betriebsstandorten
Locations of the bwCloud infrastructure
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Stand: 08.03.2016

The current bwCloud infrastructure comprises four operating sites:


OpenStack Region: Mannheim
Betreiber: Computer Center of the University Mannheim (RUM)


OpenStack Region: Freiburg
Betreiber: Computer Center of the University Freiburg


OpenStack Region: Karlsruhe
Betreiber: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


OpenStack Region: Ulm
Betreiber: Kommunikations- und Informationszentrum (kiz)

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Current hardware equipment[hardware_inventory]

bwCloud StandortNumber of compute nodesStorageCPUs / Cores
Karlsruhe (KIT) 27 504 TByte (brutto) 27 / 432
Ulm (kiz) 39 1.200 TByte (brutto) 39 / 624
Freiburg (Rechenzentrum) 124 504 TByte (brutto) 27 / 432
Mannheim (Rechenzentrum) 27 504 TByte (brutto) 27 / 432
Total for production 117 2.712 TByte (brutto) 117 / 1.872

Stand: Juli 2018

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