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Update: The date for the bwCloud maintenance has been changed to 2022-03-01.

Starting on 2022-03-01 08:00 CET all bwCloud regions will undergo maintenance for at least one day. All user accounts will be deactivated and have to be manually reactivated by reregistration after the maintenance is completed. All VMs will be stopped and will not be automatically started again. Data stored inside VMs, volumes, etc. will remain. In region Freiburg additional maintenance tasks will be performed that will require manual user interaction afterwards. Users of region Freiburg should also read the announcement for this region.

Q: What tasks will be performed

We plan a complete software overhaul in all region, including:

The maintenance will not delete any user data. However, there will the following limiations:

The procedure for reregistration will be announced here once the process is opened after the maintenance. The "First steps" guide will also be updated accordingly.

Q: Will running instances / VMs be affected?

Yes: All running instances will be stopped shortly before the maintenance period via a controlled shutdown to avoid data loss.

If you store important data inside your VMs, you should create an external backup before the maintenance, just in case.

Q: Will the Instance IDs or IPs change?

No: All instances will remain exactly the same with the same parameters (IPs, UUIDs, hostnames).

Note: The instances will not be started again automatically. Users have to reregister after the maintenance and start their instances again manually.

Q: Who is affected?

All bwCloud users: All instances will be stopped during the maintenance.

Q: How long will it take?

We aim to complete the maintenance within two days. You can follow our progress on the project website.

Q: Where can I find status updates?

The following places will contain information about the maintenance progress:

  1. The primary source will be our project website maintenance announcement Quicklink
  2. As soon as the maintenance is concluded and reregistration is opened up, we will announce it here
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