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UPDATELOG [8.3.2022 (Tuesday)]

  1. Maintenance 2022 is finished, all bwCloud regions are up to date and functional. Maintenance 2022 has not only brought "a new bwCloud", we have also changed our registration infrastructure ("RegApp") and changed the method of authentication in the dashboard to OpenID Connect. For this reason, all user:s who wish to continue using bwCloud must register once in the new Karlsruhe RegApp.
  2. IMPORTANT 1: Users without a valid account in bwIDM
    Users without a valid account within bwIDM can no longer access bwCloud. The combination "username-service-password" is NOT supported anymore.
  3. IMPORTANT 2: Quota settings
    Individual quota settings for private projects ("Project_$user") could not be saved and applied during the reinstallation of the entire OpenStack environment. In these cases, please write a ticket. Let us know
    1. the project ID and
    2. the precise quota settings you had before the maintenance.

    Group projects are NOT AFFECTED

  4. Re-registration in the Kalrsruher RegApp

    To re-register in the new RegApp, simply log in to the bwCloud Dashboard and agree to the Terms of Use.
    1. access our central bwCloud Dashboard at
    2. select "bwIDM via OpenID Connect" as login and click on Login
    3. select your home organization and authenticate yourself with your ID or your university login
    4. register for the service bwCloud SCOPE by agreeing to the displayed terms of use
    5. you will be automatically redirected to the bwCloud Dashboard and can use the bwCloud service

    NO NEW ACCOUNT WILL BE CREATED! Only the data necessary for the account will be stored in the Karlsruhe RegApp.

UPDATELOG [4.3.2022 (Friday)]

  1. [UPDATE 04.03.2022 - 10:22:03] [Regionen: ALLE] 
    In summary: At the moment, the use of the bwCloud cannot yet be released by the bwCloud operating group, as too many (partial) problems are open and being worked on in too many regions. We are aware of the urgency and the desire of the users to use the bwCloud again as soon as possible.

    However, despite the speed, the main focus of the bwCloud operations group is to ensure the integrity of the stored VMs and data and to ensure smooth operations. The requirement of "smooth operation" is currently not given, which is why the bwCloud operating group is currently still forced to refrain from using the bwCloud.

    As soon as the use of the bwCloud is approved, an e-mail will be sent to all users!

  2. [UPDATE 04.03.2022 - 10:14:47] [Region: Freiburg] 
    The bwCloud Freiburg region is not completely installed: Since Freiburg involves the setup and operation of a completely new OpenStack environment, including the connection to another storage system, the necessary work here is naturally much more complex and lengthy. The systems (COMPUTE & STORAGE) are currently being set up, tested and installed.
    Problems: Despite intensive preparatory work, tests and "dry runs", it has not yet been possible to set up the new OpenStack environment in the planned time. It is currently not possible to say when the Freiburg bwCloud region will be available
  3. [UPDATE 04.03.2022 - 10:10:46] [Region: Mannheim] 
    The bwCloud Mannheim region is not completely installed: All hosts are equipped with the new Rocky 8.5 operating system, API hosts are installed with the corresponding OpenStack (release "Victoria") services. However, COMPUTE hosts still need to be installed.
    Problems: VMs that are placed on COMPUTE hosts that still need to be installed crash because the hosts are not yet ready. The problem is known and the installation of the remaining COMPUTE hosts is being worked on
  4. [UPDATE 04.03.2022 - 10:07:38] [Region: Ulm] 
    The bwCloud region Ulm is completely installed: All hosts are equipped with the new Rocky 8.5 operating system, API and COMPUTE hosts are installed with the corresponding OpenStack (release "Victoria") services
    Problems: None known at present
  5. [UPDATE 04.03.2022 - 10:06:14] [Region: Karlsruhe] 
    The bwCloud Karlsruhe region is completely installed: All hosts are equipped with the new Rocky 8.5 operating system, API and COMPUTE hosts are installed with the corresponding OpenStack (release "Victoria") services
    Problems: None known at present

UPDATELOG [1.3. - 3.3.2022 (Tuesday until Thursday)]

  1. [UPDATE 02.03.2022 - 16:35:14] [Regionen: ALLE] Current state of maintenance:
    • At all sites the API nodes are provisioned with Rocky 8.5 and the OpenStack Sevices
    • The Ulm region is completely set up and installed as far as possible
    • The Karlsruhe region is completely set up and installed
    • In the Mannheim region, the COMPUTE nodes are still being set up
    • In the Freiburg region, the COMPUTE nodes are still being set up
  2. [UPDATE 02.03.2022 - 13:51:21] [Region: Karlsruhe] Installation of the Karlsruhe region successfully completed
  3. [UPDATE 02.03.2022 - 11:47:40] [Region: Karlsruhe] All compute nodes are provisioned and installed with the new OpenStack release.
  4. [UPDATE 02.03.2022 - 09:00:00] [Regionen: ALLE]  Work on setting up the bwCloud continues.
  5. [UPDATE 01.03.2022 - 16:40:23] [Region: Karlsruhe] Installation of OpenStack Services on the API node completed.
    Installation of OpenStack Services on the COMPUTE nodes.
  6. [UPDATE 01.03.2022 - 16:08:56] [Region: Ulm] Installation of COMPUTE and API nodes completed; OpenStack services installed on the nodes.
    Day 1 maintenance objectives achieved for the Ulm region
  7. [UPDATE 01.03.2022 - 16:06:43] [Region: Karlsruhe] Installing OpenStack Services on the API Node
  8. [UPDATE 01.03.2022 - 14:28:04] [Region: Karlsruhe] All compute nodes are provisioned with Rocky 8.5
  9. [UPDATE 01.03.2022 - 12:55:20] [Region: Ulm] Compute node with Rocky 8.5 installed. Starting the installation of OpenStack
  10. [UPDATE 01.03.2022 - 12:54:03] [Region: Karlsruhe] Beginning to install the compute nodes
  11. [UPDATE 01.03.2022 - 11:41:54] Installation of API nodes
  12. [UPDATE Tue 01 Mar 2022 09:55:40 AM CET] All instances are stopped
  13. [UPDATE Tue 01 Mar 2022 09:18:31 AM CET]: Maintenance has started. First, the access to the registration for the use of bwCloud will be closed. Next, all registered user:s are temporarily disabled in the database so that no conflicts can occur with the actions of the bwCloud operations group.

Update: The date for the bwCloud maintenance has been changed to 2022-03-01.

Starting on 2022-03-01 08:00 CET all bwCloud regions will undergo maintenance for at least one day. All user accounts will be deactivated and have to be manually reactivated by reregistration after the maintenance is completed. All VMs will be stopped and will not be automatically started again. Data stored inside VMs, volumes, etc. will remain. In region Freiburg additional maintenance tasks will be performed that will require manual user interaction afterwards. Users of region Freiburg should also read the announcement for this region.

Q: What tasks will be performed

We plan a complete software overhaul in all region, including:

The maintenance will not delete any user data. However, there will the following limiations:

The procedure for reregistration will be announced here once the process is opened after the maintenance. The "First steps" guide will also be updated accordingly.

Q: Will running instances / VMs be affected?

Yes: All running instances will be stopped shortly before the maintenance period via a controlled shutdown to avoid data loss.

If you store important data inside your VMs, you should create an external backup before the maintenance, just in case.

Q: Will the Instance IDs or IPs change?

No: All instances will remain exactly the same with the same parameters (IPs, UUIDs, hostnames).

Note: The instances will not be started again automatically. Users have to reregister after the maintenance and start their instances again manually.

Q: Who is affected?

All bwCloud users: All instances will be stopped during the maintenance.

Q: How long will it take?

We aim to complete the maintenance within two days. You can follow our progress on the project website.

Q: Where can I find status updates?

The following places will contain information about the maintenance progress:

  1. The primary source will be our project website maintenance announcement Quicklink
  2. As soon as the maintenance is concluded and reregistration is opened up, we will announce it here
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