Maintenance bwCloud Mannheim from 15.09.2023, following restart required
Date:26.06.2023 gegen 16 Uhr | Author:Levin Patzina (UNIT) | Tags:News, bwCloud, Website, General, 2023, OpenStack, Wartung, Mannheim, Maintenance


Update 19.09.2023 14:30

The maintenance in Mannheim is now complete.

original Announcement

In Mannheim, all bwCloud machines will be switched off from 15.09.2023 until presumably 22.09.2023 due ... Mehr

INFO: Situation with supply of IPv4-Addresses
Date:14.03.2023 gegen 14 Uhr | Author:Levin Patzina (UNIT) | Tags:News, bwCloud, 2023, Karlsruhe, IPv4, Netzwerk, Mannheim

Current situation: IPv4 addresses

The number of public IPv4 addresses is limited at all four bwCloud locations and is therefore quickly exhausted during intensive use. ... Mehr

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