Is there a way how several users can jointly run resources (= virtual machines)?[faq_group_projects_0]

Yes, if we have the resources, we can set up an individual group project.

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How can I (let) set up such a group project?[faq_group_projects_1]

In order for us to set up an individual group project, please send us an appropriate ticket via the ticket supportsystem. Proceed as follows:

  1. Important: All persons who should have access to the group project must be registered and activated for the use of bwCloud! If this is not yet the case, continue with step 2 only after all participants have registered and been activated.
    For further information, see "First steps - How do I get into bwCloud?"
  2. If all persons who should be included in the group are registered and activated, write us then a Ticket under

    Please mention the following points in your ticket:

    a) You want a group project to be created
    b) Who the members of the group should be (first and last name, OpenStack identifiers - ideally the User-IDs)
    c) Approximately how many resources the group project should contain (number of VMs, VM equipment (vCPUs, RAM etc.)
    d) Who is the owner (owner of the group) of the group project (first and last name, OpenStack ID - ideally the User-ID)
    e) The name of the group (unique name, maximum 16 characters, no special characters)
    f) How long the group is to exist
    g) In which region the group should ideally be located
    h) Purpose of the group (teaching, research) - a brief description is sufficient.

    All items a) to h) are mandatory.

  3. Based on your requirements, we check whether we are (still) able to create a corresponding group and at which location this is possible.
  4. The group will be created by us and you will receive feedback via the ticket system when this has been completed.

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Important notice for users der University of Stuttgart[faq_group_projects_1_stuttgart]

After consultating the responsible persons at the Universität Stuttgart, the following applies to members of the Universität Stuttgart when applying for a group project:

  1. Students of the Universität Stuttgart cannot apply independently for a group project. This is due to the planned activity regarding billing: We want to account for the consumption of resources in the future. In this case, the additional consumption of resources beyond the services for the bwIDM element "bwCloud-Basic" can only be requested by persons who have access to a cost center or account. In the particular case of the Universität Stuttgart this can only be persons who are employed at the Universität Stuttgart - students do not have independent access to Accounts or cost centers

  2. If a group project is to be applied for, this must be done by the supervising person. In the case of courses this is usually the supervisor(s), the chair holder(s) or other members of the university with appropriate access to accounts

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The supervisor must register to use the bwCloud. Please follow the steps as described under first steps.
  2. Then the supervisor sends a ticket via our ticket supportsystem and asks for the creation of a group project
  3. The ticket must contain the information as described under #faq_groups_1.
  4. We then set up the group project with the supervisor as group owner

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Is the specification of a group owner necessary? Why?[faq_group_projects_2]

The data of a person who will be entered as owner the group project is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. If we introduce a service and cost allocation, the invoice of this group project will be sent to the location of the group owner. The group owner(s) can of course be changed in the further course.
  2. The group owner(s) serves as contact person for us in case of incidents, inquiries etc.
  3. The group owner(s) communicates with us regarding member administration and authorizes the addition / removal of persons (otherwise we cannot decide whether another person is authorized to do so - also because all group members have the same administrative rights (see 4.) )
  4. Each member of this group project has the same rights (start, stop, delete VMs etc).

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Can the group owner(s) be a functional account?[faq_group_projects_3]

No, all identifiers must be assigned to individual persons. This applies to both: the group owner(s) and the members of the group project. Group projects are no exception in this respect, the same rules apply here as for individual user projects.

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What does the administration of resources (instances, images, etc.) look like in a group project?[faq_group_projects_4]

OpenStack has a very simple rights and role model: there is the role of "Administrator:in", who is allowed to do everything and see everything, and there is the normal user:in. The "Administrator" role is reserved for members of the bwCloud operating group only. of bwCloud have the normal standard permission.

A group project is therefore no different from a personal user:in project. There are only more than one person assigned to this project. This also means that any member of a group project can see all resources (running instances, security groups, images, etc.), create new resources, edit or delete them. A group project is therefore particularly suitable for scenarios in which several people look after resources on an equal footing, for example for the operation of web servers.

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How do I move an instance to another project?[faq_group_projects_5]

n instance cannot be moved to another project per se. However, the following work around is possible. rerequisite is appropriate quota in the target project.

Source project

  1. Create a Snapshot/ a shadow copy of the instance.
    -> Snapshot appears under 'Images'.
  2. Under Images from the snapshot create a Volume.
    -> The volume appears under Volumes.
  3. Under Volumes create a Transfer for the volume and note the Transfer ID and the Authorization Key.

Target Project

  1. Under Volumes select Accept transfer.
  2. Specify the saved Transfer ID and Authorization Key.
    -> The volume appears under Volumes.
  3. Convert/upload the volume to an Image.
    -> The image appears under Images (, this may take some time).
  4. Under Images start the image.

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