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Current news

Date:04.08.2022 gegen 10 Uhr| Quicklink

Very hot outside temperatures, cooling of the server rooms and operation of the VMs

Most users of the bwCloud are certainly aware that very hot outside temperatures (> 35 degrees Celsius in the shade) are ... More

Date:13.07.2022 gegen 11 Uhr

Störung (13.07.2022, 12 Uhr)

Infos about the incident are provided here (German only).

Date:11.04.2022 gegen 15 Uhr| Quicklink

Situation with supply of IPv4 addresses

The number of available IPv4 addresses is generally limited at all four bwCloud locations and is therefore quickly exhausted, especially during particularly intensive use of the bwCloud. The consequence is ... More

Date:15.03.2022 gegen 15 Uhr

UPDATE (03/16/2022 - 14:30)

The problems that occurred on 03/15/2022 in the Karlsruhe region have been resolved as of 03/16/2022 - 14:30. The affected Karlsruhe region is back to normal operation.

On 03/15/2022, problems occurred in ... More

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