Will I receive a public IP?[faq_network_1]

Yes, every instance that is started normally is assigned a publicly accessible IP.

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Are the IP ranges different in the regions?[faq_network_2]

Yes, each region has (currently) different IP ranges from which the public IPs are assigned.

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How long does an IP remain assigned to my instance?[faq_network_3]

The IP adress remains assigned to an instance for their entire "lifetime". This means that the instance can be stopped without the IP being reassigned. Only if an instance is deleted ("terminated") and after a certain period of time the IP is released again and reassigned to another instance in the region.

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Does the bwCloud also assign host names?[faq_network_4]

Yes, every instance gets a generic hostname assigned. This hostname contains the UUID, region and the postfix .bw-cloud-instance.org.

Here is an example: Lets say, the UUID of your instance is caffee-4242-2323-caffee and it is running in the bwCloud region Mannheim. The generic hostname will be: caffee-4242-2323-caffee.ma.bw-cloud-instance.org. To get the hostname of your instances, just login into the dashboard and go to the instances overview.

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Can I get a domain via bwCloud?[faq_network_5]

No, we do not offer domain hosting.

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Can I refer a domain to an instance in the bwCloud (IP)?[faq_network_6]

Yes, you can. The assignment of an IP to an instance is persistent (permanent), even if the instance is stopped - therefore the A-record of a domain can refer to this IP.

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My Debian instance takes forever to reboot when the network is active[faq_network_7]

Please see our entry in section "Instances & VMs"

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