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Starting from April 9th 2024, maintenance work will take place at all bwCloud regions, which will last at least three days. User accounts of all users will be deactivated during the maintenance, and all Instances will be shut down. If users have not shut down their instances themselves, these will be stopped on the 1st day of maintenance from 8 AM. Data on the volumes will remain intact. Unsaved content in RAM will be lost. Freiburg users have to migrate their files and data themselves.

Q: What exactly is being done?

A "full maintenance" of all regions is planned, meaning

No user data will be lost or deleted during this maintenance. However, the following restrictions apply:

Q: Are running instances / virtual machines affected?

Yes: All instances in all regions will be systematically shut down shortly before the maintenance (if not already done) to avoid data loss.

For sensitive instances / virtual machines, we recommend all users to make an external backup of their data in advance.

Q: Will the instances receive new / different IDs / addresses?

NO: The instances will be assigned exactly the same parameters as before after the restart: the same IP address(es), the same UUID, the same hostname. Nothing will change here.

Please note: The instances will not be automatically restarted. Users will need to log in, and manually start the desired instances after the maintenance is completed.

Q: Who is affected?

All users of the bwCloud: All running instances will be inactive (offline) during the maintenance.

Q: How long will it take?

We plan to carry out and complete the measures within three days. We recommend visiting our website regularly, where we will report on our progress.

Q: Where can I get status information?

We offer the following sources for information about the maintenance:

  1. The first source for status information is our website: Check regularly at Quicklink
  2. Once the maintenance is completed and VMs can be restarted, this will also be announced on our website.

Region Freiburg

Freiburg bwCloud users must migrate their data to the new Productive bwCloud themselves after maintenance. The bwCloud Freiburg is maintained in accordance with the Freiburg region operating concept. One difference exists. The Experimental-bwCloud is release after the maintenance, NOT before.

We will publish access to the described Inactive bwCloud Freiburg after the maintenance. The transition period runs from Fri. 12.04.2024 to Sun. 16.06.2024. We will inform you about the deadlines in good time on the bwCloud website and on the ALU-RZ webseite.

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