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Current situation: IPv4 addresses

The number of public IPv4 addresses is limited at all four bwCloud locations and is therefore quickly exhausted during intensive use. As a result, all users in a region cannot start new instances as soon as all available IPv4 addresses are used there.

The bwCloud-locations strive to strike a fair balance between intensive and permanent usage on the one hand and regular cleanups of instances that are no longer needed on the other. A shortage of free IPv4 addresses is nevertheless foreseeable.

Situation: bwCloud Karlsruhe

Currently the situation is especially tense in the region of Karlsruhe, so users should please take the following action:

Instances that are no longer needed should please be deleted.

This is the only way to free up IPv4 addresses again. A simple shutdown or even "shelving" is not sufficient, as the IPv4 addresses will not be released in these cases.

If the situation of created virtual servers (VMs) does not improve in this way, it may happen in the next weeks that no IP addresses are available for instances in the Karlsruhe region anymore. Then no more VMs can be started or created in the region of Karlsruhe.

Situation: bwCloud Mannheim

In the region of Mannheim, IPv4 addresses have recently become unavailable for users in the "public-belwue-v4" network (i.e., anyone not affiliated with the University of Mannheim). We hope that resources will become available again in the course of the announced maintenance at the end of March.

As a workaround, the network "public-belwue-v6-only" could be assigned to instances. Please note that there may be technical limitations as only IPv6 is used here.

Again, we ask all users to delete instances that are no longer needed. Stopping/Shelving the instances is not sufficient to release IPv4 addresses.

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