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Situation with supply of IPv4 addresses

The number of available IPv4 addresses is generally limited at all four bwCloud locations and is therefore quickly exhausted, especially during particularly intensive use of the bwCloud. The consequence is immediately noticeable for all users in the corresponding bwCloud region: as soon as no more free IPv4 addresses are available, no new instances can be started.

The bwCloud operating group therefore tries to strike a fair balance between intensive and permanent usage on the one hand and regular cleanups of instances that are no longer needed on the other hand.

Situation in the bwCloud Karlsruhe Region

Currently, the situation is especially tense in the bwCloud Karlsruhe region, which is why the bwCloud operations group is carrying out the following requests or measures:

  1. We ask all users of the bwCloud Karlsruhe region not only to deactivate instances that are no longer needed, but to delete them. This is the only way to free up IPv4 addresses. A simple shutdown or even a "shelving" is not sufficient, as the IPv4 addresses will not be released in these cases.
  2. All instances that have been shut down since the start of maintenance on 03/02/2022 and have NOT been started since then will therefore be transferred to the "SHELVED_OFFLOADED" modus. The IPv4 address is also withdrawn from the machines. The machines are still available, the data is not deleted, but no current resources are used.
  3. Users who want to continue using bwCloud and the VMs and who have not yet re-registered since the official end of maintenance in 2022 can do so as described in Step 1: Register for bwCloud SCOPE
  4. The measures will be implemented from 20.04.2022
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