What is the Operational Concept of the bwCloud Region Freiburg?[faq_concept_1]

The focus of the bwCloud Freiburg region is on providing an environment for re-deployable services.

This means that services do not depend on the state of a VM, but can be "pushed" onto the cloud on-demand and started there. Relevant data should be stored on secure storage areas and not on the cloud's own storage (in the form of volumes or images).

One option for outsourcing to/using external storage is to mount appropriate NFS or object storage resources. Frequent backups of data to appropriate secure storage systems are also recommended.

Region Freiburg, Operational Concept

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What does the operating model look like?[faq_concept_2]

In order to test the various options and to drive developments within the scope of projects, it is planned that the bwCloud Freiburg will consist of two independent future consists of two independent computing networks/computer clusters: Productive- and Experimental-bwCloud Freiburg.

On the one hand, the current Productive-bwCloud for all standard requirements with a focus on stability. This corresponds to what has been and will cover the needs of most users.

On the other hand, there will be an Experimental-bwCloud for testing new features. features, e.g. for the integration of GPUs or the testing of long term long-term scheduling, as well as for ongoing student work. Furthermore, this is also the computer cluster on which the respective next Productive-bwCloud will be built on.

Region Freiburg, Operational Concept

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What is the process for maintaining the bwCloud Freiburg Region?[faq_concept_3]

At least once a year there is a major maintenance of the bwCloud Freiburg takes place. This will be announced ahead of time.

  1. in the first step the Productive-bwCloud will be inactivated, Inactive-bwCloud. VMs and other services will be stopped. Only the login of users and the download of Openstack objects (images, ...) (images, ...) is possible.

  2. Subsequently, the Exprimental-bwCloud becomes the new Productive-bwCloud.

  3. After a communicated transition period, all Openstack objects (instances, storage media, shadow copies, ...) of the Inactive-bwCloud will be deleted.

  4. A new Experimental-bwCloud will be deployed at a later time.

Region Freiburg, Maintenance

Region Freiburg, Maintenance

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Where do users have to become active themselves in the maintenance of bwCloud Freiburg?[faq_concept_4]

This entry cannot capture all user actions! From the experiences of the last bwCloud migrations, the following important points have been following important points have been worked out.

Backing up your own data is the responsibility of the user!.

Please check and observe the following points:

Freiburg Region, Maintenance

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